Plasma Thawing Bath

Empirical Exports is an established Traders & Suppliers of scientific and lab equipment. Thawing Bath is designed to safely and reliably thaw fresh frozen plasma (FFP) for the recovery of Cryoprecipiated Antihemophilic Factor (AHF). Specially designed trays to ensure safety of  Plasma Bags. Satisfy your requirements of scientific instrumentation with Empirical Exports.

Key Features:

1. Quick thawing: Plasma thawing baths rapidly thaw frozen plasma for immediate use in treatments.
2. Maintains quality: Ensures plasma retains its effectiveness and properties during the thawing process.
3. Easy operation: Simple to use, requiring minimal training for healthcare professionals to operate effectively.
4. Reliable performance: Consistent thawing temperatures guarantee reliable results for medical procedures and transfusions.


Plasma Thawing Bath Supplier in India


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