Empirical Exports is an established Traders & Suppliers of scientific and lab equipment. We offer Cork and tubing which is specified equipment of laboratory. Cork is used to seal glassware, such as test tubes, flasks, and bottles. Whereas tubing is used in the lab for a variety of applications, such as transferring liquids between containers, delivering gases to reactions, and vacuum filtration. Satisfy your requirements of scientific instrumentation with Empirical Exports.

Key Features:

1. Corks are mainly designed for insulating laboratory equipment, such as hot plates and distillation setups, which in turn helps in maintaining the consistent temperature during the time of experiments.
2. Tubes essential plays an essential role in transferring liquids and gases between different laboratory apparatus.
3. Cork and tubes both are made with such materials that are non-reactive to any chemical reactions and leads to better composition of the samples.


Cork and Tubing Supplier in India


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