Beaker, Low Form With Graduation, Borosilicate Glass, DIN 12 331

Empirical Exports specializes in trading, supplying, and distributing Allihn Condenser. We offer Beaker, Low Form With Graduation, Borosilicate Glass, and DIN 12 331 that are designed for a variety of applications like containing chemical reactions, measuring, and holding liquids. This equipment allows for precise volume measurements during experiments. Satisfy your requirements for scientific instrumentation with Empirical Exports.

Key features:

1. Sturdy material for conducting heating experience.
2. Easy to handle and precise pouring of liquids.
3. Provide accurate measurements essential for precise scientific work.
4. Ensure dependable performance and withstand harsh chemicals.


Beaker Low Form With Graduation Borosilicate Glass DIN 12 331 Supplier


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