Adapter 105° With Two Necks

Empirical Exports is an established Traders & Suppliers of scientific and lab equipment. We offer Adapter 105° With Two Necks which is specified equipment of laboratory, used for connecting different glassware pieces together involving distillation, reflux, and other processes that requires the precise angles and connections. Satisfy your requirements of scientific instrumentation with Empirical Exports.

Key Features:

1. This adapter is designed with two necks or we can two openings that allow the connections to be made at both the ends.
2. It is also made at 105° angle which in turn made it specific for various experiments and also increases the flexibility in setting up the apparatus.
3. These adapters are usually made with the borosilicate glass, which makes it resistant in high temperatures and chemical reactions and even also ensures its durability.


Adapter 105° With Two Necks Supplier in India


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