75°Adapter Cone

Empirical Exports are Traders & Suppliers of 75°Adapter Cone that is equipped with various features.  75°Adapter Cone’s features include a borosilicate glass adapter, which is designed for distillation apparatus, and it can be used to connect two glassware that have cones. Known as a still head recovery bend, this adapter has a 75-degree bend outlet. And it is suitable for lab glassware setups, which are situated between the boiling flask and Liebig condenser.

Key Features:

1. Borosilicate glass material for durability and safety.
2. Suitable for distillation setups in laboratories.
3. Available in joint sizes 19/26 or 24/29.
4. Features a 75-degree bend outlet design.
5. Compatible with cone to cone glass connection


75°Adapter Cone Supplier in India


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