105° Adapter Cone Socket

Empirical Exports is an established trader and supplier of scientific and lab equipment. We offer a high- quality 105° adapter cone socket, which is widely used in laboratories. A 105° adapter cone socket is a tool that helps you reach tight spaces at an angle for easier tightening. Satisfy your requirements for scientific instrumentation with Empirical Exports.

Key Features:

1. Easily reach bolts and nuts in confined areas where traditional tools struggle to fit.
2. Its angled design allows for better maneuverability, reducing strain on your wrists and arms.
3. Suitable for various applications, from automotive repairs to furniture assembly, making it a handy tool.
4. Speed up tasks with its efficient design, enabling quicker access to bolts and nuts without disassembling surrounding components.
5. By simplifying access to tight spots, it helps you complete tasks faster, boosting overall productivity.


105° Adapter Socket Cone Supplier in India


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